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5 Personality Traits for a Successful Fitness Brand



Have you considered the personality your brand should have? Is it aligned with the values and pillars you’ve determined will create a successful franchise?


Fitness concepts in the franchise world have a particularly important role in the community and establishing a personality for the brand is important. It has the potential to instill a sense of empowerment, longevity and vitality in clients. These are some personality traits Club Pilates strives to uphold:


  1. Genuine and honest approach to customers  - Building genuine relationships with customers is key to any business but in fitness, this can mean becoming genuinely invested in members’ goals and helping them achieve them.
  2. Nurture those around you - Every member comes into exercise for different reasons but people need support and encouragement, especially when they’re trying something new. We are someone others can rely on for something positive and uplifting, and we love seeing how that approach - and that message - can spread.
  3. Do everything with integrity - Represent the brand with integrity - the future of your business depends on it. All professional direction, both in and out of class, should be deeply rooted in integrity for the exercises and the safety of the members.
  4. Confident in our beliefs - Know that you are going to help millions of people live longer, healthier lives.
  5. Driven by a higher calling - This can sound cheesy but it shouldn’t. People do exercise for many reasons but fitness can provide people with a stronger sense of wellbeing including increased relaxation, reduced stress, better sleep and mood, strong immune function but more importantly, it can provide confidence, strength, empowerment, balance and sense of achievement. Operators have a part in delivering this, in genuinely creating a place that helps people live healthier lives.


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