Franchise Resales


Benefits of buying a franchise REsale

Buying a franchise REsale or established franchise rather than starting from scratch is a great way to ‘hit the ground running’. In most cases the new buyer benefits from existing necessary business assets such as goodwill, customer base, staff, location and in many cases cash flow. Many are able to start trading and serving customers as soon as they buy the REsale.

Having REsales is neither a negative or positive reflection on the franchise network. Most mature franchise companies have around 7-10% of their network for sale at any one time, for a variety of reasons including retiring, relocating or personal reasons.

All franchisees have a life cycle and almost everyone who buys a franchise will at some point want to sell it. In most cases a new motivated buyer can further develop the business for their own benefit as well as the franchisor.

SMART buyers buy a Franchise REsale and start trading immediately.

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