Franchisee Member Benefits


About Franchisee Member Benefits


As a Subscriber Member, franchisees receive all the benefits of membership and may chair Committees, serve on the IFA Board of Directors, and hold Officer positions within IFA. IFA members gain knowledge of franchising used by 75 different industries, gain insights to new ideas that can be used to improve their businesses, build relationships through networking with other members, and have opportunities for advice, help, and problem-solving. Electronic members are encouraged to participate on IFA committees.

IFA represents its members on a wide range of small business issues, such as health care, litigation reform, minimum wage, and tax issues. IFA members can participate in the Franchise Action Network and communicate directly with members of Congress on legislative issues. IFA members have access to the latest news and developments in franchising through IFA publications such as Franchising World, Smart Briefs, and the IFA Insider. IFA members enjoy discounted rates to attend the IFA Annual Convention, educational seminars, and local and regional meetings, such as the Franchise Business Networks in 28 major cities across the U.S.

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