Government Relations Staff


Matt Haller, Senior Vice President, Media Relations & Public Affairs, (202) 662-0770

Elizabeth Taylor, Vice President, Government Relations, Public Policy & Counsel, (202) 662-0797

Mike Layman, Vice Presdient, Regulatory Affairs, (202) 662-4177

Dean Heyl, Vice President, State Government Relations, Public Policy and Tax Counsel 662-0792

Erica Farage, Senior Director of Political Affairs & Grassroots Advocacy and Multi-Unit Franchisee Engagement, (202) 662-0760

Jeff Hanscom, Director, State Government Relations & Public Policy, (202) 662-4179

Kevin Serafino, Senior Manager, Government Relations & Public Policy, (202) 662-0783

Jake Baranik, Manager, Government Relations & Public Policy 662-4170


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