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Hwy 55 Founder, Kenney Moore, Shares The Power of the MBA – Mop Bucket Attitude


Hwy 55 Founder, Kenney Moore, Shares The Power of the MBA – Mop Bucket Attitud


Kenney Moore, Founder/CEO of Hwy 55 Burgers & Fries and Author of Behind the Drive, was recently featured as the keynote speaker of the 5th Annual Franchise Success Summit in Raleigh, NC. 

Moore was the first of many highly accomplished franchise executives to take the stage during the 24-hour event as he was followed by East Coast Wings & Grill’s Sam Ballas, Manning, Fulton, & Skinner’s Ritchie Taylor, FranData’s Edith Wiseman, and 919 Marketing’s David Chapman.   So, Moore had some big shoes to fill as the lead speaker and all attendees agreed he more than exceeded expectations by sharing his powerfully emotional story of entrepreneurship.

Here are five key highlights from Moore’s fantastic performance at the Franchise Success Summit:

  1. Passion and Persistence Alone Aren’t Enough – Moore launched the very first Andy’s location in 1991 (Hwy 55 was formerly known as Andy’s) and worked 10AM-10PM 7 days a week.   He was personally responsible for the success of that first store and consistently smelled like peppers and onions because of the endless hours he spent manning the grill.   While his dedication, passion and work ethic allowed him to keep the doors open and open a couple more restaurants, Andy’s was not yet generating the profit margins it was capable of generating.
  2. Adopt an “It’s Not About You” Mentality – Late one night, Moore had a game-changing epiphany in his car.   He was tired.   Tired from standing on his feet all day, every day and spending his down time handwriting payroll on the floor with his wife.   He had nothing left to give…and he realized he didn’t need to give more, he needed to adjust the focus of his energy to empowering others.
  3. Be a Person of Influence, Not Power and Authority – On that note, Moore chose to adopt a leadership style built on influence, not power and authority.   In fact, when the economy went south and some of his owners walked out, Moore put his own financial security on the line to take over all of those stores and keep them running.   Just one of many ways Moore consistently shows his franchisees and corporate staff he’s willing to lead by example.
  4. Don’t Just Have ONE Bank – Speaking of financial tips, this one was Moore’s “if you remember one thing” takeaway that he shared with conference attendees.   Whether it’s a financial downturn, an international expansion, or anything else, franchisors should expect the unexpected.   And when the unexpected occurs, it’s imperative to have more than one bank to turn to in a crisis.
  5. And Commit to People with an MBA – And most importantly, Moore shared a brand new take on an MBA – what he calls a Mop Bucket Attitude.   He has shown a devoted commitment to all Hwy 55 employees who have proven they are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, and do it well.    Every corporate staff member has worked in his stores and some particularly gifted store employees have even become franchise owners.   Moore certainly believes there’s nothing more important than great people and he has shown a consistent dedication to celebrating exceptional franchisees, corporate staff, and store employees.

For more information on what was learned at the Franchise Success Summit, check out the LinkedIn showcase page.