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Franchisor - a company which is identified by a trademark, service mark, trade name, advertising or other commercial symbol; maintains continued assistance or control over the franchisee's method of operation, including but not limited to business organization, promotional activities, management, marketing plan, quality standards or business affairs; gives significant assistance to the franchisee; and receives payments, usually in the form of royalties and fees, from the franchisee.  

Benefits of Membership 

Franchisors with less than 200 franchised units * 

Franchisors with 200 to 300 franchised units 

Franchisors with more than 300 franchised units 

Benefits of Membership for Companies Only Franchising Internationally

Benefits of Membership for Franchisors Pursuing U.S. Market Entry

International Members (No franchised units in U.S.)  


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Mary Kennedy Thompson COO, The Dwyer Group, talks on surrounding yourself with diamonds at IFA.  

"We attribute our early success in franchising to the resources of IFA. There is no other place where you can find the knowledge base of people in franchising. The ideas we have gained and shared through IFA programs has helped us grow at an incredible rate! We look at our investment in membership as part of our ongoing training and development." 

Steve Greenbaum
Postnet International Franchise Corporation
IFA Franchisor Member


"I have been to many related industry conventions; NASD, SEC, ICSC,etc... Never have I seen so many opportunities for education, nor, have I ever experienced so many peers willing to help an emerging company. In 4 IFA conventions, I have never had any franchise system not embrace to talk with me and discuss their opinions. As my brand gets ready to move into the national scene, IFA and the CFE programs have been instrumental to my success. I have implemented many strategy's, networked with several IFA vendors and I am certain these tools have been a big part in why our brand has achieved same store sales growth during this recession, and our biggest year of activity for franchise applications. It's simply terrific!! 

Thanks again for what you and IFA do..." 

Sam G. Ballas President/CEO East Coast Wings 

Did you know that 15% of franchised businesses are equally male/female owned? Find out more in our Franchised...
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